Southern Weddings

I love traveling to the South to photograph weddings.  One of the first weddings I photographed was in South Carolina with the ladies from WED, Wedding Event Design, which had over 800 guests attending.  On occasion I still meet some of the people from that wedding at other weddings that I photograph, which reminds me how small the world really is.

Anyway, please take a look at some of my favorite photographs of one of the most recent weddings that I photographed in South Carolina.  The unexpected things that the bride and groom do to make their wedding personal and really about them and their relationship are some of the reasons why I love photographing weddings.  Jenny & Jason, who's wedding I featured on my site, did the most amazing first dance that I have ever seen at a wedding.  Their personalities and playfulness was so evident while they were dancing I just loved capturing all of the beautiful moments they shared with each other and that their guests enjoyed watching them.  I love the photos from that part of the wedding, they are unlike any I have seen of wedding dances.  Jenny and Jason also took to the stage after the band played their last song and sang a tongue & cheek version of Total Eclipse of the Heart while their guests went crazy.  Other things that make me want love weddings are the attention to details that wedding planners spend months and pain staking hours planning.  For Jenny & Jason's wedding, Ellen Robinson, and her staff at WED, transformed Jenny's parent's home into a wonderland of purple and white that was elegant and playful in the same breath.  The pattern Jenny decide upon was integrated in the invitations and collateral, as well as printed on fabric for the napkins and some pillows and Jim Smeal's fabulous wedding cake.  Ellen also had an incredible light fixture made for the reception tent that I fell in love with and wanted to make for my own home.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images and that Jenny & Jasnon's personalities shine through in the photographs....