6 Elements of Wedding Photography

I have photographed hundreds of weddings over the past three decades and every celebration is distinctive, creating a artistic representation of those differences is what inspires and challenges me.  There are 6 elements of Wedding Photography which include details, preparation, ceremony, candids, portraits and the reception.  When you approach each wedding with a fresh eye and respond to the personalities of the bride and groom, capture the unique style of details and sense of place of the venue you create a personal history of one of the most memorable days of a person's life.  Creating a familial history fulfills me. 

Below you will see a variety of story boards from each of the 6 Elements of Wedding Photography.  They depict the sometimes subtle nuances that make each wedding extraordinary.  Every photographer has her own personal style and vision, looking at the different ways they photograph all elements of a wedding, allows you to see their artistic vision.

I feel a sense of great satisfaction when a bride writes: "...our story, and every detail of the story of the day, is with us forever in the photos.  Looking at them now, and experiencing the flood of emotions they bring back, makes me wonder if she took those pictures by seeing not through her eyes, but instead through our hearts.'