Happy Flag Day.

Happy Flag Day.  Photographing flags is one of my past times, getting to photograph a couple is even more of a treat!  When I spoke to this couple before their wedding the bride said that the groom didn't like to have his photograph taken and wanted it to be done quickly.  On the wedding day with the help from the ladies at WED in Charleston the wedding party and I hopped onto a trolly, went to this fantastic location, the beach and the marshlands.  After the wedding I spoke to the bride and she told me that her husband's favorite part of the wedding was the time we spent together taking photographs.  It is because of moments like this that I love my job.

Branding. One of the things we love about living in Montana.

Every spring we brand our calves which is a tradition we have been a part of for over 15 years.  Our dear friend Farrell Lloyd introduced our family to the western lifestyle of ranching and it has been a significant part of our lives ever since.  Branding is one of the western traditions that brings friends and family members together for a little bit of work, some good food and time to catch up on each others lives.  Thank you to all of our friends who help out each year.....

Coast Weddings: The Florida Coast

I decided to feature a beautiful wedding shot in Naples, Florida for my coast wedding because everything was so beautiful and ethereal about the wedding.  Erica and Steve had the most beautiful orchid covered wedding platform that I have ever seen.  It was spectacular but because it was covered in white orchids it was also incredibly subtle.  It blended into the background but was one of those items that if you really looked at it you realized how wonderful it was.  Erica was sweet and beautiful in her stunning wedding gown and cocktail dress.  Take a look at these photos they are some of my favorite bridal portraits that I have taken, some a bit more traditional and others so serene that it brings me a sense of peace to look at them.  They were married at the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida and transformed one of the small dining rooms into a white wonderland of beautiful flowers for some of their closest friends and family members.

Southern Weddings

I love traveling to the South to photograph weddings.  One of the first weddings I photographed was in South Carolina with the ladies from WED, Wedding Event Design, which had over 800 guests attending.  On occasion I still meet some of the people from that wedding at other weddings that I photograph, which reminds me how small the world really is.

Anyway, please take a look at some of my favorite photographs of one of the most recent weddings that I photographed in South Carolina.  The unexpected things that the bride and groom do to make their wedding personal and really about them and their relationship are some of the reasons why I love photographing weddings.  Jenny & Jason, who's wedding I featured on my site, did the most amazing first dance that I have ever seen at a wedding.  Their personalities and playfulness was so evident while they were dancing I just loved capturing all of the beautiful moments they shared with each other and that their guests enjoyed watching them.  I love the photos from that part of the wedding, they are unlike any I have seen of wedding dances.  Jenny and Jason also took to the stage after the band played their last song and sang a tongue & cheek version of Total Eclipse of the Heart while their guests went crazy.  Other things that make me want love weddings are the attention to details that wedding planners spend months and pain staking hours planning.  For Jenny & Jason's wedding, Ellen Robinson, and her staff at WED, transformed Jenny's parent's home into a wonderland of purple and white that was elegant and playful in the same breath.  The pattern Jenny decide upon was integrated in the invitations and collateral, as well as printed on fabric for the napkins and some pillows and Jim Smeal's fabulous wedding cake.  Ellen also had an incredible light fixture made for the reception tent that I fell in love with and wanted to make for my own home.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images and that Jenny & Jasnon's personalities shine through in the photographs....



Mountain Weddings

As many of you know building a web site is an enormous undertaking.  One of the wonderful things is going through all of your work to find imagery that you think best represents the work you do.  After much thought I decided to create portfolios of weddings based on regions that depict the passion that I have for shooting those particular kinds of weddings. 

For the Mountain Wedding section I chose a wedding that I photographed in Jackson Hole, Wy and one in Livingston, Montana.  I love capturing the sense of place when shooting a wedding for my clients.  using the natural landscape to create portraits that capture the grand landscape in these two beautiful places is part of my job that brings me great joy.  People choose to get married in places that have great meaning for them and creating images that capture the landscape gives them a way to relate back to that day and really feel what it was like to be there on one of the most important days of their lives. 

The couple in Jackson Hole had their ceremony in a tiny church in Grand Teton National Park and then had the reception at a lodge where they incorporated elements that were western and elegant at the same time.  Take a peak to see some of the great details they incorporated into their wedding.

The wedding in Paradise Valley in Livingston, MT was of a dear friend of mine who decided to get married spur of the moment and had one of the most inclusive and celebratory weddings that I have ever attended.  unfortunately you can't hear some of the toasts that were given that were heartwarming and hysterical at the same time.  You can however see the joy in the faces of the bride, groom and their two children.  The series of photos of them hugging each other while listening to the band play music are some of my all time photographs that capture the relationships between people that are fleeting but get to the core of the love that they share.....

Over the next few days I am going to write about each of the wedding featured in the various regions on my site, so please take a few minutes and enjoy them....


Destination W

A few months ago Kristi Drago, my friend and previous photo editor at Brides, contacted me about a project she was working on with Sally Kilbridge, another former editor at Brides Magazine.  Although my images were published in Brides for over a decade I had never met Sally.  She was starting a destination wedding blog called Destination W and Kristi was looking for some beautiful destination weddings.  They chose one that I had shot in Portugal, one of my favorite and overlooked countries, designed by ladies at The Wedding Co..

After the launch of the site I got in touch with Sally about writing a blog for the site on a regular basis.  I love photographing weddings, especially destination weddings and want to share some of my experience in order to make it easier for brides to choose a destination wedding photographer.  She loved the idea and that I hope started the beginning of a another long relationship. 

In April Sally posted a couple of the blogs I proposed, after she did a much needed edit on the writing.  If you or someone you know is planning a destination wedding you may want to take a look at the posts for some helpful insights on hiring a wedding photographer.