2016 Scholarship Recipeints

We have intentionally made the applications process easy.  It is a three page questionnaire that also asks for two letters of recommendations.  All applications are due on June 1, and the recipients are announced on June 25 to celebrate my mother's birthday..  

Through the generosity and hard work of many people in our community people as far away as Florida we raised enough money to award two scholarships for 2016.  On June 25, 2016 we chose the scholarships recipients for the first time ever.  Callum Gannon and Mariel Kelley were both planning very different types of trips;  Callum was traveling to Kenya with Engineers without borders to help design water wells.  Mariel wanted to travel to meet her relatives from her mother's side who live in Holland.

Here are some photographs and a note from Callum in Montana before he left and in Kenya.  "I can't thank all the people who donated money, time, and resources to fund Yia Yia's Travel which in turn helped me to go to Kenya with Engineers Without Borders, install 2 borehole wells at primary schools, helping nearly over 800 kids gain access to clean water, and decide, after an assessment and extensive research, to implement a Bio-gas Latrine next summer to be used for cooking at another primary school in rural Kenya"

And a couple of photos Mariel Kelley on her trip to Holland and other countries.  "I had such a fantastic time in Holland visiting family and experiencing my roots. What a great opportunity Yia Yia's Travels offers. I am one of the first to benefit from this scholarship, so I can only imagine the positive effect it will have on Park County as more people apply. Melanie Maganias Nashan, you are doing a great thing! "