About Me

I am Greek and Love LOVE

I always dreamed about being a photographer and my mother gave me my first Kodak Instamatic camera when I was twelve and my first Canon when I was sixteen.  Those gifts that my mother gave me allowed me to make my dream be a reality and in truth I didn’t realize the implications of her gifts until just a few years ago.  My father wanted me to become an accountant and then a lawyer and was concerned about how I would make a living.

I love LOVE and seeing people and places through my lens.  When I look through my camera I can feel the emotions that my subjects are experiencing and love being able to capture those particular moments.  Those images transport my subjects and the viewers of my images back to that particular moment in time and creates a history that can be felt forever.

I went on to study photography and received my BFA & MFA in Photography.  The first time my work was ever published was in a six page spread in Martha Stewart Weddings in 2001, it reassured my father that I would be able to make a living, and it was one of the most memorable and flattering moments of my career.  It was a very simple wedding in Montana that featured two full page spreads of environmental portraits that I had taken when it was -15 degrees outside.